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Are you smarter than the Phoenix Rising?

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Phoenix Rising players Darnell King, Jose Hernandez, and Daniel Krutzen were put the test to see if they are in fact smarter than a fifth grader. Let’s see how your knowledge compares to the players. Scroll to the bottom to view the answers.

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1. What is the largest river in the United States?

Rising: Mississipi.

2. What is the plural of moose?

King: Mooses.

Hernandez and Krutzen: Moose.

3. How many sides are there on a hexagon?

Krutzen: Eight (changes to six).

King and Hernandez: Hesitation.

4. How many months have 28 days?

King: One. *Realization.* All of them.

Hernandez: One.

Krutzen: One.

5. What are the three primary colors?

Rising: Red, yellow and blue.

6. How many sides are parallel on a square?

King and Hernandez: All of them.

Krutzen: Two.

7. What is the lowest prime number?

Krutzen: One.

King: Zero.

Hernandez: No answer.

8. How many bones are there in the human body?

Krutzen: 206.

King and Hernandez: No answer.

9. What planet is the closest to the sun?

Krutzen: Jupiter.

King: Questions Earth.

Hernandez: No answer.

1. Missouri, 2. Moose, 3. Six, 4. All, 5. Red, yellow & blue, 6. Two, 7. Two, 8. 206, 9. Mercury.

Krutzen’s score: Five.

King’s score: Two

Hernandez’s score: Two

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