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Arizona State players talk one thing they want to improve on going into fall camp

With fall camp starting tomorrow for the Arizona State football team, I asked several players last week what they want to improve on in camp.

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This will be many players’ first fall camp with ASU, as the team welcomes over 50 newcomers. They also have almost a completely new scheme and coaching staff, starting at the top with head coach Kenny Dillingham.

Here is what all of the players had to say:

Q: What’s one thing you’re looking to improve on going into fall camp?

Senior QB Trenton Bourguet: Improving on would just probably be the familiarity with the offense. Just hearing the play once and being able to, halfway through the sentence, I know what we’re calling and just having a better understanding of okay, this is why coach Dillingham called this or (offensive coordinator) (Beau) Baldwin said this. Just fully understanding, obviously, springtime is kind of your first time running this stuff. But I feel like now we’re kind of on the page where I’m going to make a check and coach Dillingham and coach Baldwin are probably thinking the same thing and just doing it on the field.

Graduate WR Gio Sanders: Literally just like playing receiver, my run after catch, catching the ball and things like that. No, you know, actually, I’ll take that back. I think the thing I want to improve most on is run after catch. I feel like I’ve make a lot of good contested catches, everything like that. I feel like I make good first downs and everything, I really feel like just catching the ball and making more moves after to get more yards is really what I need to work on the most.

Sophomore EDGE Clayton Smith (Oklahoma transfer): Consistency is my biggest thing in fall camp, I’d say. Once I get my consistency where it needs to be, I feel like a lot of our games are gonna be taken to another level.

Junior RB DeCarlos Brooks (Cal transfer): I’ll say just learning the offense quickly. Like not being hesitant about anything, just knowing exactly what to do in the right moment. Even knowing what the wide receivers are doing because I’m gonna be out there as well catching the ball, stuff like that. Just knowing what to do in those exact situations, I think that will help me in my football IQ as well.

Freshman EDGE Ashley Williams: I want to say I want to improve on using my hands more. I’ll be honest in high school, I used my hands, but it’s more intense when you’re here I would say. So I think that’s something that I need to work on more.

Junior WR Xavier Guillory (Idaho State transfer): So going into fall camp, really just getting that IQ, that next-level IQ. Because all of us are talented, we know the basics of football: how to catch, run, run routes, read coverages, but it’s those next-level things that these coaches, who have been at the highest levels, the NFL level, and seen All-Pros, can teach me. Those little intricate details that I have yet to know. But that’s part of my game, I love to learn. I’m always here to take people’s advice. I’m never too big just to ignore people’s advice when they give it to me. I’m really excited to learn the little nuances of the game a little bit better.

Junior C Leif Fautanu (UNLV transfer): Me personally, I want to get faster. I think (strength) coach Joe (Connolly) has done a really good job with helping me out on speed and stuff like that. But I just want to get faster, get stronger, especially before the season.

Senior S Chris Edmonds: One thing I want to improve on is just being a leader for the young guys coming in. Just being that leader, that guy they can look up to.

Graduate OL Aaron Frost: I really want to improve on my pass blocking and run blocking. (Offensive line) coach (Saga) T(uitele) really installed a new pass blocking formation that we’ve done. And I feel like I’ve really learned it and I want to get better with that.

Junior LB James Djonkam: One thing about my game I can improve on is definitely the mental aspect. Remaining in control and not getting too excited, not getting too emotional in games and just focusing on what I got to do play by play.

Junior OL Isaia Glass: I think just understanding rules for defense. So understanding different blitzes, different formations and just like what they can do out of that. Different pressures, safety rotations, different alignments. Just more of the defensive side, understanding their rules, so I kind of have a good idea of what’s coming when I see it.

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