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NBA Early Season Impressions: Pacific Division

The NBA season is now two weeks in and there are so many story lines throughout the league. Here are my early season impressions of the pacific division.

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Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are back baby! They are currently 6-2, Steph Curry is averaging the 30.9 points per game and Chris Paul seems to be a very nice fit. This team if healthy will be a true title contender.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are one of the most interesting teams in the NBA. They are currently 3-3 and now have a very different looking team after trading for James Harden. Harden has only played one game as a Clipper. I need more games before giving an opinion on them.

Phoenix Suns

The Suns have been bitten by the “injury bug”. Bradley Beal has yet to play a game and Devin Booker has been in and out of the line-up. They are 3-4 and have been inconsistent but that makes sense with the injuries.

Los Angeles Lakers

I am concerned about the Lakers. They are 3-4 and have not been especially good on the defensive end of the floor. Los Angeles is 19th in points allowed, giving up 114 points per game. LeBron James was supposed to be on a minute restriction. The restriction is already out of the window as James is averaging 35.9 minutes per game which is second on the team behind Anthony Davis. The early signs are not good.

Sacramento Kings

Last season the Kings were not a good defensive team. They were able to overcome that due to their amazing offense. So far this season their offense has not been amazing and they are losing. Sacramento is 2-4 and need to find some defense. They may be a one-year wonder. In fairness to the Kings, All-Star point guard De’Aaron Fox has missed three games. They were also one of the healthier teams last season. Has their luck run out?

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