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Arizona Cardinals

Bill Simmons Loves the Under on Cardinals Win Total

On a recent episode of, The Bill Simmons Podcast, Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal were doing their annual NFC Over/Under episode. Where they use the over/under win totals from FanDuel and give their opinions on whether or not each team will have more or less wins than what FanDuel has projected.

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FanDuel has the over/under win total for the Arizona Cardinals set at 4.5 wins. Simmons said, “Their (Arizona Cardinals) over/under is four and a half and it seems high. I’m going under. I don’t see any scenario where they go 5-12.”

Where are the wins?

Arizona Cardinals Schedule

  • at Washington Commanders
  • vs New York Giants
  • vs Dallas Cowboys
  • at San Francisco 49ers
  • vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • at Los Angeles Rams
  • at Seattle Seahawks
  • vs Baltimore Ravens
  • at Cleveland Browns
  • vs Atlanta Falcons
  • at Houston Texans
  • vs Los Angeles Rams
  • at Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Bye Week
  • vs San Francisco 49ers
  • at Chicago Bears
  • at Philadelphia Eagles
  • vs Seattle Seahawks

The Cardinals have a very tough schedule to start the season. Four out of their first five games are against teams that were in the playoffs last season. The one team that was not in the playoffs last season, the Washington Commanders, finished with a record of 8-8-1.

After the tough start they may have their first “winnable” game against the Los Angeles Rams on the road. Road games are always tough to win, no matter who it is against. Their first home game that looks like it may be a victory is in week 10 against the Atlanta Falcons.

The season is not played on paper, the Cardinals may shock the world. That just isn’t worth betting on. Betting the under on 4.5 wins, seems to be as a close to a lock as it gets.

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