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Kevin Durant on His Legacy: “I Don’t Care About Legacy”

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Kevin Durant recently did an interview on The Athletic with Shams Charania and discussed about his career. He talked from all things Thunder, his transition to the Warriors and what the media thought, and even his legacy as a player that everybody uses against every player nowadays.

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Speaking of legacy, Durant was asked about the legacy chatter that media pundits would talk about when it comes to his name and Durant seems to not really care a whole lot about legacy as much as he used to in the past.

One thing that I took note of when I read his comments was how he used to feel a certain way about legacy in a positive light. However, ever since he went to the Golden State Warriors, his view on other people’s opinions changed because of the backlash he received.

Durant signed with the Warriors back in 2016 on the 4th of July. It was a decision that was seen by many as one of the weakest move by a franchise player. Media pundits like Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Smith were two of the main catalyst for driving the ship and making sure that thought was out their for people to see and read.

It got to the point where pundits were discrediting Durant’s achievements and that his legacy is forever looked differently because of what everybody thinks about his move to Golden State. Durant even went more in depth about how that move and backlash changed his whole thought process on debates when it comes to legacy.

“Once I left to go to the Warriors (in 2016), I figured any logical thing, when it comes to me, it’s out of the window,” Durant said. “When it comes to me, people are not going to think in a logical way or simply look at what I’ve done and say that’s it. They gotta add a narrative to it, they gotta push something to discredit me.”

Even with this thought process, Durant can now hold his head high with the knowledge that everyone is going to have an opinion of you and what you do with your career. That’s why Durant doesn’t go around being somebody that he’s not and let people speak.

“I don’t throw my s–t at people. People want their own experience in the NBA. Their experience is their experience. I can’t say anything. I let it be. When some fan says, ‘KD, I don’t like how you did this.’ I can’t be upset at that. That’s your view and how you look at the league. I just learned how to accept that, move forward and be the best me.”

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Durant’s new outlook is really good for new up and coming NBA players. That there is always going to be somebody that has something to say get clicks or even have their own opinion on what they believe about you whether you like it or not. The key is to not care about what other people think or seek validation from others. Know who you are as Durant has been able to do.

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