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Ahead of the July Phoenix FC Matches

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July 3

The prevalent result of the matches between Phoenix Rising FC and Orange County SC is a 1-1 draw, as recorded in the previous six matches. Phoenix Rising FC has won five home matches in the last eight games, while Orange County SC has won once, and there have been two draws. It has scored thirteen goals, while Orange County has managed a total of six goals. Phoenix has won eight times in the last 19 games, whereas Orange SC has won five times. There have been seven draws, with Phoenix having a total of 25 goals while Orange County is at 17 goals. From the above statistics, the game might be in favor of Phoenix Rising FC as it’s a home game.

July 10

Phoenix will be playing against Memphis 901 FC, currently leading in the Eastern Conference. However, in this season’s USL championships, Memphis 901 has managed seven wins and two losses and has had zero draws, earning it first place out of twenty-seven teams. On the other hand, Phoenix FC has only managed two wins, five losses, and zero draws playing away from home, earning it the eleventh position out of twenty-seven teams. Therefore, this gives Memphis 901 an upper hand in this coming match with Phoenix Rising FC.

July 21

Phoenix Rising FC will be playing against Louisville City FC who are currently in 2nd place in the East. Phoenix FC played against Louisville City in 2018 USL whereby it lost to Louisville at 0-1. This season in the USL, Louisville FC has a total of 10 wins,3 losses and 3 draws while phoenix FC has a total of 7 wins, 9 losses, and 0 draws. Louisville City has good results playing at home with 5 wins one loss and one draw. Therefore, as the previous statistics have shown, Louisville FC has a good chance of playing against Phoenix FC.

July 24

Phoenix Rising will be playing against Sacramento FC. Phoenix has played against Sacramento FC in the US OPEN CUP, where it lost 2-0 at Sacramento Republic FC. Sacramento FC’s results are a total of 8 wins, 4 losses, and 4 draws. However, when playing away from home, they have an average of 3 wins, 4 losses, and two draws. Therefore, from the statistics shown, both Phoenix FC and Sacramento FC have a chance of winning against each other, as Phoenix is known to perform well at home, and Sacramento has won against Phoenix before.

July 28

Will be playing against Oakland Roots. This is the first match between Phoenix and Oakland Roots. This season, Oakland roots have a score of 5 wins, 6 losses, and 9 draws, earning them the 15th spot out of 27 teams. In addition, they have scored four wins, three losses, and four draws, all while playing from home. From the prediction above, Oakland roots may win against Phoenix since it will be playing from home.

July 31

Phoenix rising will be competing with Switchbacks FC who hold 2nd place in the Western Conference. In 2019, Phoenix won against switchbacks 3-0. This season, the Switchbacks have 12 wins, 4 losses, and zero draws, which is an excellent performance. They might have a good chance against Phoenix considering their away-from-home matches amount to good results too.

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