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Arizona State Sun Devils

Arizona Takes The Territorial Cup in Blowout Fashion 59-23

It was not in the cards for Arizona State tonight, as Noah Fafita carved up the defense for over 520 passing yards and led Arizona to a 59-23 victory.

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Fafita’s 526 passing yards set a school record for passing yards in a game, and Tetairoa McMillan had half of them and was only 17 yards away from breaking that school record as well.

It didn’t start badly for the Sun Devils, as they easily scored on their first drive. They held a 7-3 lead, but that didn’t last long. On the next drive, Arizona scored and took a 10-7 lead that would never be surmounted. Arizona State only reached the other half of the field one more time that half.

Jaden Rashada would enter the game, and on his first drive, he would lead them down to the other side of the field. However, he unfortunately threw an interception right to the defender. Now Arizona would take the momentum and immediately score. That was the last time Arizona ever mounted a drive.

Arizona would respond with four touchdowns in the second quarter. Three of which went to Michael Wiley.

Arizona State had a mission coming out of halftime. They needed to win the second half. So, Rashada immediately threw a pick that nearly was taken for a touchdown.

Arizona scored off that interception. Then, on the next drive, they threw a 50-yard touchdown to Tetairoa McMillan, who made it over 1000 yards this game. All of a sudden, it was 52-7 in the second half.

Finally, Arizona State came alive. Rashada led two drives in a row that both resulted in touchdowns. This included a gorgeous throw and catch to Troy Omeire for a 31-yard score.

ASU got a red zone interception late in the fourth on the following drive but could do nothing with it. Arizona only scored one more time on the second-to-last drive.

Jaden Rashada finished with ten completions in 22 attempts for 82 yards. Cam Skattebo reached the 100-yard mark rushing today with 107.

Fafita finished with 526 yards and four touchdowns. Tetairoa McMillan finished with 266 receiving yards, and Jacob Cowling had 157 receiving yards.

It was not a pretty performance in ASU’s swan song to the Pac-12. They drop to 3-9 on the season, while Arizona moves to 9-3. It will be up to Coach Dillingham to determine how he wants to spend his offseason. This season has been terrible, and ASU must bounce back in a good direction.

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