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What We Learned from ASU at Pac-12 Media Day

Pac-12 Media Day has come and gone for ASU. Bobby Hurley, Jamiya Neal, and Frankie Collins took the stage and gave us some great insight into the current team and what we should see for the team. Here are some new things we learned about this ASU team. 

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1. The Pressure is on Frankie Collins and Jamiya Neal to be the leaders. 

Jamiya and Frankie have been the only two players Coach Bobby Hurley has made available at media days. They are also two of only three returners for the Sun Devils squad this year. It is clear that Coach Hurley is putting those two on a pedestal as the leaders and are expecting big things from both. 

Coach Hurley mentioned this in his interview. He said this about Frankie Collins:

“Frankie is a great leader.” Hurley said,  “You can hear his voice in practice. That’s where he’s taken the biggest step.” 

Hurley said he expects Collins and Neal to be two of the best rebounding guards in the Pac-12. 

2. The Coaching Staff will be a big part of ASU’s success this season. 

Bobby Hurley added multiple members to the staff with NBA experience. He added Greg Lansing. The former Indiana State HC joined the 76ers as a scout and now is a special advisor to Hurley. Lansing adds a ton of experience. 32 years to be exact. He also added Hunter Eisenhower as an Associate Coach. He was recently the Sports Performance Director for the Sacramento Kings. Throw in a couple of former players like Mickey Mitchell, and Hurley is super excited for this new coaching staff. 

3. No updates on Adam Miller or comments raise concerns. 

Hurley didn’t mention Adam Miller in his press conference despite multiple questions about the incoming transfers. That leads me to believe that Hurley is less confident that he will get his waiver than last week. 

4. Nutrition and Lifting was a major part of the offseason for ASU

Jamiya Neal and Frankie Collins talked about how they worked out more this offseason than ever. 

“This is the most I’ve ever lifted in an offseason before.” Collins said. 

They also mentioned how Collins had a strict diet while Neal ate a lot to get stronger. 

This might be the first part of Hunter Eisenhower’s tenure at ASU, and we can’t wait to see the difference. 

5. I’ll say it again: Shawn Phillips will be a beast. 

Shawn Phillips is getting loads of credit from all parties. Phillips is always the name first brought up when asked about transfers. Phillips will be a huge part of the team this year. He has incredible athleticism, is big, and can do everything you want him to do on the floor. 

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