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Jamiya Neal is Primed for a Breakout

It wasn’t long ago when we considered writing this article last year. Everyone expected Neal to be a top player for ASU last year. Unfortunately, he dealt with injuries and other players ahead of him, but he was the best player on ASU’s roster at last year’s end. Through February and March, he was the hottest player for ASU.  That leads us and his coaches to believe he’s in for a major breakout this year alongside Frankie Collins. 

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“I feel like he’s taken another step this year.” Coach Bobby Hurley said, “He’s been a great leader this summer. I feel like he will cushion the blow of losing Austin Nunez and Devan Cambridge, who put up a lot of points for us last year.” 

Coach Hurley mentioned Neal’s injuries, but he also called him their best player after he got a shot at the end of the year. 

Starting with the game against Arizona, he raised his PPG average by almost a full point despite nearly missing most of the early season, including a 16-point game in the win against Nevada in the NCAA Tournament. 

Not only did Jamiya Neal improve this offseason, but he got bigger. He talked about his nutrition and how he started eating more to get bigger, like Frankie Collins. 

“You (Frankie Collins) were already strong. I was eating and drinking everything to bulk up.” Neal said. 

This is Neal’s chance to be the guy. He doesn’t have anyone ahead of him, and he’s healthy. It’s time we officially label this Neal’s breakout season. 

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