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Suns’ Top 5 Games During the 2023-24 Regular Season


The NBA regular season schedule is out and the Suns have a lot of attention on them come this season with newcomer Bradley Beal as well as a full season with Kevin Durant paired with Devin Booker.

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Add in a new head coach and bench to the mix and all eyes are going to be looked at if whether or not the Suns can go ahead and win it all this season.

After looking at the games the Suns will be playing and when they will be playing them this season. I went ahead and gave a list of my top 5 games the Suns will be playing this upcoming season and why.

Honorable Mention: Frank Vogel Faces Off Against Old Team

It was a long offseason of head coaching rumors surrounding the Phoenix Suns, but the Suns finally made the decision to go all in on former Lakers head coach Frank Vogel in hopes to help the Suns capture an NBA championship.

Vogel won a championship himself with the Lakers back in 2020 before being fired back in the 2021-22 season for a slow start to the season.

The former head coach will get his first crack at his old team will be the second game of the season on October 26th back in Los Angeles. Not to mention it will be the first time we see LeBron James vs Kevin Durant since 2018.

We’ll see come down the road if the two teams will meet in the playoffs again as well to add on to this big-time matchup.

Number 5: Home Reunion For Monty Williams in February

We start off the top 5 list by showing love to the winningest head coach over the past 3 seasons in the NBA. The Suns will face their ex-coach Monty Williams and the Detroit Pistons on February 13th for a reunion game back home in Phoenix.

The Suns face the Pistons twice beforehand with one being in the preseason. However, both of those games will be in Detroit. I marked this game as one of the most important games on the schedule primarily because it’s back home in Phoenix where he had a lot of success over the past 3 seasons.

It will most likely be a good tribute for Williams before the game starts for all he has done for the organization as he helped guide them to an NBA Finals appearance, the best regular season in franchise history, as well as three trips to the playoffs.

It should be an emotional day in the Valley during that time for a coach that is well-beloved in the community.

Number 4: The Twins Are Back in Phoenix, Arizona

Another emotional day for Suns fans everywhere as they will be welcoming back two of the most beloved guys in Suns history back in Phoenix when the Suns host Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and the Brooklyn Nets to town.

Bridges and Johnson were spark plugs for the Suns during the Williams era over the last three seasons and helped turn the franchise around to new heights during that time.

Bridges grew into an all-around player during his time in Phoenix and was even in consideration for defensive player of the year back in the 2021 season.

In that same year, Johnson took his game to another level and wound up in the sixth man of the Year conversation finishing 3rd in voting for the award.

But even beyond that, Bridges and Johnson were a spark plug to a fan base that desperately needed it back then and their welcome back should be one of the most electric days the Footprint Center will have in a long time.

Number 3: Beal Returns to Washington in February

The Suns blew up the offseason when they traded for all-star guard Bradley Beal. This trade would end up pairing Beal with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker to unlock the NBA’s next big three.

With this comes responsibility for the Suns as they will have a lot of high expectations to bring a championship home to Phoenix.

Beal spent his whole career in Washington before getting traded to Phoenix and has had a lot of memories with a place where he ended up growing into a man.

He’s had some postseason success with former Wizard John Wall as well as having one of the best statistical seasons in Wizards history averaging over 30 points per game.

Wizards fans will no doubt honor Beal with a heartwarming tribute to commemorate his time in Washington and it will no doubt be an emotional game for Beal who’s going to play in front of his old friends and family.

Number 2: Opening Night Mathcup at Golden State

This one is self-explanatory for many reasons. Kevin Durant returns to Golden State to play the Warriors in the bay area for the first time since he left in 2018.

Chris Paul will play his former team for the first time since he got traded in the Bradley Beal trade. Klay Thompson will face off against Devin Booker yet again as the two players love one another but had the infamous trash-talking game back last year.

Overall, you got one of the most successful franchises in the last decade in the Warriors facing off against a Suns team that’s trying to become the new-era version of them with the acquisition of Bradley Beal as well as not being able to get over the hump the past three seasons.

I will not be shocked if these two teams face off later in the playoffs for even more meaningful basketball games. But opening night will have to do for now and that will lead us to the number one matchup that has played meaningful games against one another.

Number 1: Christmas Day Showdown at Home vs. The Mavericks

Does it get any better than Luka Doncic vs. Devin Booker on Christmas Day? Both teams can’t stand each other and want to beat the other team badly.

Last season the Suns beat the Mavericks in Dallas during their final meeting with each other and things got chippy at the end of the game between the two star players.

We also can’t forget back in 2022 when it all began during the NBA playoffs in semi-finals. Luka Doncic and the Mavericks blew the Suns out badly on their home court in game 7 had the Suns gone through a tough offseason with a bunch of criticism.

This game has the makings of an instant classic on the Suns’ home court and best believe the NBA will have a lot of families tuned in to watch this masterpiece.

The NBA Release Their Full 2023-24 Regular Season Schedule; See Who the Suns Will Play

There are so many good games the Suns will be playing this upcoming season. I believe these 5 will be the best of the best in the 2023-24 season.

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