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Budda Baker reminds fans of the end goal, despite the mess last season was

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It has been a wild ride for the Arizona Cardinals over the past twelve months. So much to the point where players such as Budda Baker have been almost forced to speak out on behalf of the rest of team.

While much of the drama revolved around the head coach and general manager, one would imagine there is plenty that fans are unaware of.

As the season quickly slipped away, leaders were forced to step up inside the locker room. Not just to motivate the rest of the team, but also to remind them of the task at hand.

One of those leaders would be Budda Baker, who shared an insightful post to his Twitter account, reminding fans that not everything can be seen through a television.

Baker became a fan favorite on the Cardinals after his incredible, driven personality was showcased on “Hard Knocks.” Here, fans got an up-close look at the more emotional side of football and really had the opportunity to see how much winning means to the Cardinals’ lone 2023 Pro Bowl selection.

However, with a new head coach and general manager walking through the doors at any moment, there is a high likelihood the word “culture” will be thrown around plenty.

It is a word that can be the difference between a winning and losing football organization.

And to be more direct, it was something that the Cardinals struggled to illustrate last season.

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