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Paul George appears to take another subtle shot at Devin Booker

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After gracing the latest cover of SLAM Magazine, Paul George appeared to take a subtle jab at Devin Booker in his interview with the company.

For context: Earlier this offseason, the two went back-and-forth after Klay Thompson talked about his antics during last season’s early matchup with the Suns on George’s Podcast. Booker seemed to take offense to George specifically mentioning him when asking the question. The Suns’ star called out George on Instagram following the Podcast, saying: “Is that the answer u was looking for?”

George then said that Booker had a “sorry a** response” to the clip on a Twitch livestream.

Here’s what George had to say in the Slam interview that came out today:

“SLAM: Is that what you meant when you said on that Twitch livestream that you’re going to be on your “bully sh**” this season?

George: One hundred percent. One hundred percent. That’s exactly what I meant. I gotta hold myself accountable to that… Every night I’m on the floor, I’m there to dominate. Whether it’s [being] more physical, or going right at whoever I gotta go at, you’re gonna feel me. I’m having that approach of every time I’m on the floor, I’m there to dominate and destroy you.

SLAM: When you said that on your livestream, what pushed you to that point? Did you feel like it was something that needed to be said? Was that something that was going through your head already?

George: Yeah, I mean, it was just a lot of unnecessary talk going around the League of, you know, guys feeling themselves and directing comments toward me that haven’t done anything as well. You know, this is the last couple years of my career, so it’s all about legacy for me as well. And that’s just my approach—I got to finish strong and go back to loving the game and loving to dominate. And again, that’s just how I got to approach it. [If] I come up short, that’s on me. But that’s how I gotta approach it.”

Will Booker respond to George’s comments?

Devin Booker Responds to Klay Thompson’s Apology As Well As Take a Subtle Shot at Paul George

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