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By the Numbers: The Suns Burn Out

By the Numbers: The Suns Burn Out

Fans of Arizona Sports, it’s officially the end of the basketball season for the Suns.

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In what truly was a back and forth endeavor through the series, the Suns would lose against the Nuggets at home in Game 6, sealing their fate and ending the season.

A disappointing reality for the Suns was their inability to capitalize on opportunities as a team. Of course, there was a 6’11”, 280 lbs. problem in Nikola Jokic, but he wasn’t the only wrench in Phoenix’s plan. It seemed like everyone was on point from Denver that night at the Footprint Center.

What a Day for Cameron Payne

What an unfortunate day for Cameron Payne to play like he did. I say that only because it seemed he was riding a groove the rest of the team wasn’t on.

If every member of the Phoenix Suns came into tonight’s game riding the same groove Cameron Payne did we would have seen a Game 7:

He went 12/16 in Field Goals with a percentage of 75%. 9 of those attempts were 3 Pointers, and he made 7, giving him a percentage of 77.8% from downtown. The rest of the Suns made a total of 26 field goals. Cameron Payne made nearly half as many as the rest of the team. That man was playing like he was auditioning to be a full-time starter.

The weight was also felt by the seemingly exhausted performances of Kevin Durant and the absence of DeAndre Ayton.

I would mention Chris Paul’s absence, but Cameron Payne leading the Suns in scoring makes this a moot point.

Now, our Suns have a few curveballs to get through heading into the next season:

Coach Monty Williams was let go as the leader of the team, a move that many fans question, given the last 3 seasons he has taken the Suns from a playoff hopeful to a championship possibility.

Possibly up for trade are DeAndre Ayton and Chris Paul, adding a bit more confusion to the Suns roster.

WATCH: Chris Paul Reflects on Season and Discusses Future With the Team

All in all, as we transition By The Numbers into being a show about the Diamondbacks and soon after the Cardinals, I look forward to bringing stats and odds about the Suns in their next season. #rallythevalleyalways

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