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Is it time for the Arizona Cardinals to embrace the tank?

NFL Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Rashard Lawrence

Arizona Cardinals’ defensive tackle Rashard Lawrence posted a simple gif to his Twitter account on Wednesday. And, if you are a Cardinals fan, it is not exactly the gif that you want one of your players to be posting.

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The term “embrace the tank” is thrown around professional sports leagues quite a bit, but rarely is it used for a team that supposedly has its “franchise quarterback” under contract for a couple more seasons.

And rarely does the word “tank” get thrown around just two seasons after being at the top of the standings for the majority of the season.

However, it is also rare for a team to collapse in the ways that the Cardinals did last year. And based on their offseason moves thus far, things are not looking to bright for Arizona.

The Cardinals are coming off an embarrassing 4-13 season due to an ongoing injury curse and a straight-up lack of effort that was noticeable from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

Michael Bidwill knew it was time for a change, so just like any owner would do after an abysmal season, he fired the head coach, parted ways with the general manager, and said goodbye to the defensive coordinator.

Now that Arizona has a brand-new coaching staff and front office, some would say it’s a fresh start; others would say it’s a rebuild.

With Kyler Murray out for almost half of next season, DeAndre Hopkins pretty much already out the door, and a handful of free agents looking forward to signing contracts elsewhere, things are not looking too hot for the Cardinals this upcoming fall.

For Rashard Lawrence, the 24-year-old is in the middle of a four-year contract that expires at the end of next season. Lawrence only played in five games last year due to a hand injury that required surgery, which caused him to sit out the rest of the season starting in Week 8.

Of course, things could take a complete 180 with a large portion of the offseason still remaining. But, for now, Lawrence may be correct with the tank mindset.

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