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James Harden’s Top Five Performances Against the Phoenix Suns

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In the Phoenix Suns last game, they lost to Los Angeles Clippers, 138-111. Former Arizona State Sun Devil James Harden played really well in that game. Was that one of his best performances against the Suns?

5. 04/07/2019

On April 7, 2019, the Houston Rockets defeated the Phoenix Suns, 149-113. James Harden had 30 points, 13 rebounds, and nine assists. He shot 71% from the floor, 83% from three, and went 5/7 from the free throw line.

4. 12/21/2016

On December 21, 2016, James Harden led the Rockets to a 125-111 victory over the Suns. Harden scored 27 points, dished out 14 assists, and grabbed five rebounds. He shot 44% from the floor, 45% from three point range, and made six of his eight free throw attempts.

3. 02/16/2021

James Harden was playing for the Brooklyn Nets when they defeated the Phoenix Suns on February 16,2021. The final score was 128-124 in a game where the Nets were missing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Harden finished the game with 38 points, 11 assists, and seven rebounds. The long time Houston Rocket shot 63% from the floor, 45% from three, and made all five of his free throws.

2. 03/15/2019

The Houston Rockets defeated the Phoenix Suns, 108-102, on March 15,2019. Harden filled up the stat sheet in that one. He had 41 points, 11 assists, nine rebounds, six steals, and three blocks. Harden was also very efficient. He shot 48% from the field and made 14 of his 17 free throw attempts.

1. 11/16/2017

The Rockets blew out the Suns, 142-116, on November 16, 2017. Harden scored 48 points, along with serving up seven assists. He shot 54% from the floor, 54% from three, and amazingly made all 18 of his free throw attempts.

James Harden has had an amazing career, these five games really showcase the versatility of his game throughout the years.

Arizona State Legend James Harden Loves Playing Against The Phoenix Suns

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