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Why Trey McBride Should Represent the NFC In the Probowl

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The Arizona Cardinals asked for their fans to vote for their players to go to the Pro Bowl.

The Cardinals player who has the best case to be a probowler is tight end Trey McBride. McBride has had an excellent year for a tight end in his situation.

There are usually two tight ends per conference who get selected to the Probowl unless a replacement is needed. Has McBride had one of the two best seasons by a tight end in the NFC?

Is McBride The Best Man?

In 13 games played Trey McBride has 56 receptions for 610 yards and two touchdowns. Where does his stats rank among tight ends in the NFC?

There are five tight ends who are realistically in the running to represent the NFC in the Probowl, T.J. Hockenson, Sam LaPorta, Cole Kmet, Trey McBride, and George Kittle.

T.J. Hockenson has been awesome for the Minnesota Vikings. He has 80 receptions and 786 receiving yards, which are both the most among all tight ends. Hockenson also has five touchdowns.

The Detroit Lions found themselves a legit weapon with Sam LaPorta. LaPorta has 64 receptions for 679 yards and six touchdowns.

Cole Kmet has had a good season for the Chicago Bears. He has 56 receptions for 482 yards and five touchdowns.

Veteran tight end George Kittle is having an amazing year for the San Francisco 49ers. Kittle has 50 receptions, 735 yards, and five touchdowns.

Who Should Get the Two Spots?

T.J. Hockenson looks to be a lock as he is leading all tight ends in receptions and yards. Who has the best argument for the second spot?

Sam LaPorta has a great case for the second spot. He has the fourth most receptions among tight ends and is also top five in receiving yards.

George Kittle has also put up great numbers this season. He doesn’t have the high number of catches like the other tight ends but makes up for that with his yardage per catch. Kittle is averaging 14.7 yards per reception. This has allowed him to be amongst the top tight ends in stats with less targets than other top tight ends.

Cole Kmet had has a solid season but doesn’t have the stats to compare with the others up for the spot.

Trey McBride has more catches than Kittle and averages more on his yards per catch than LaPorta. He also has had the hardest situation to produce in of those tight ends.

Kittle is surrounded by weapons like Deebo Sameul, Brandon Aiyuk, and Christian McCaffrey while the quarterback Brock Purdy who led them to the NFC championship game last season is back and playing great.

LaPorta is also surrounded by weapons and playing for a high powered offense. The Detroit Lions are sixth in points per game, scoring 27.3 points. LaPorta is big part of that success but also benefits from the players around him in a major way.

McBride was catching passes from Joshua Dobbs and Clayton Tune for most of this season until Kyler Murray returned. Murray has had moments where he has looked like his old self but is also shaking off the rust of not playing for almost a year. The franchise quarterback is also adjusting to the team’s new offense.

Trey McBride has put up great stats while playing on one of the worst offenses in the NFL. He definitely deserves real consideration for that second tight end spot in the Probowl.

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