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Arizona State’s Kenny Dillingham is All In on Fundraising

After the game on Saturday, Kenny Dillingham spoke about what the next few weeks will look like for him. He made it very simple.

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“I have exit meetings with all the players and staff.” Dillingham said, “Then fundraise.”

Dillingham has been very vocal in his call to the donors to continue to put money into the NIL. He truly has used the “Activate The Valley” strategy to perfection this year, and with the firing of AD Ray Anderson, NIL donations have been through the roof. Dillingham made it very simple. Fundraising is more important than recruiting in these times.

“I can go recruit. That’s cool.” Dillingham said, “I want to go fundraise. That’s what the name of the game is nowadays. I’m going to go out and fundraise, fundraise, fundraise. The staff is going to recruit. I’ll recruit some players, but I’m recruiting people who want this place to win as well. That has nothing to do with players. That’s one of the biggest factors in college football right now, and it’s on me as the head coach.”

Coach Dillingham knows his job is to help players and get them to graduate and become better people, but it’s all-inclusive.

“That’s where college football is different than the NFL.” Dillingham said, “Everything that happens in your program, you are in control of. When we are in year four, everything is a reflection of what I’ve allowed to happen. That starts with donors and fundraising and getting people involved.”

NIL has taken over the College Football world, and Kenny Dillingham knows it. He knows how important it is now to recruit. If you can’t get top players because other schools are paying more than you, that’s not an excuse anymore as a Head Coach. We will see how Dillingham’s next few weeks go, but if anyone can Activate The Valley, it’s him.

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