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Deandre Ayton During Trail Blazers Media Day:”I’m in an organization that wants me and wants me to succeed”

Deandre Ayton is on a new team with the Portland Trail Blazers and he seems to be in bright spirits and looking forward to proving a lot of people wrong this season.

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During today’s media day with the Trail Blazers, Ayton was asked about his lack of effort and motor especially during last year’s playoff run. Ayton seems to be looking forward to changing the narrative.

“I told the guys this summer that I’ll be changing the narrative.” Ayton said. “I’m in an organization that wants me and wants me to succeed. There will be a lot more grit and a lot more domination this year.”


Ayton was in the conversation of scrutiny for a lot of bad moments of not playing with much effort in the playoffs. One play that stuck out was a lack of rebound he didn’t get during the playoff game against the Denver Nuggets last game.

Even with all that, Ayton will be remembered for a lot more great moments than bad moments for the Suns a lot like his play in the 2021 playoff run where he got an alley-oop that helped the Suns beat the Clippers to go up 2-0.

It’s safe to say though that as time has gone on, Ayton and the Suns’ relationship might’ve soured over and it was just time for all parties to move on. One thing that can be seen from this is how happy Ayton looks as he’s now in Portland.

Deandre Ayton Appears to Be Extremely Happy in Portland

Deandre Ayton’s first game back in Phoenix will be Monday, October 16th, and his first game back in the regular season will be November 21st.

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