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WATCH: ASU Legend & SB 50 Champ Brock Osweiler One-on-One Interview at Camp T

I caught up with former Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler at Camp T today. It was his first time at Camp T, so we discussed this as well as how he likes Kenny Dillingham at the helm of the program.

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Full transcript of interview

Brendan: So Brock, Doug was telling me that you never came up here to Camp T. So how has this experience been for you?

Brock: I didn’t get the fortunate opportunity to come experience Camp T. When I first arrived, Coach Erickson had just kind of cut it off as far as coming up here. I think at the time, the field was not in good conditions, and it really wasn’t a safe place to come up for camp. But now after seeing it for the first time, bringing up my family, experiencing the scrimmage today, I would say this, Camp T is extremely special. What an atmosphere, what a place to be able to host fall camp, to host a scrimmage. And I would say this, if there’s any way to plug more money to resurrect some of these facilities, the dorms where the coaches and players sleep, shower, eat. This could be a really, really cool place for the Sun Devils to come up for not just two or three nights in fall camp, but possibly two or three weeks.

Brendan: So how long have you been up here?

Brock: Drove up this morning. Got here as the team was in stretch lines and stayed for the duration of the scrimmage. It seemed like there was a great competitive spirit in the air. Offense was kind of chirping at the defense and vice versa, and it was a it was a really special day.

Brendan: What do you think of the direction of the program now under new coach Kenny Dillingham?

Brock: Well, you know, I think football is about really one thing. It’s about wins and losses. And we’re not to that point in the season yet where you can really judge a coach, his coaching staff on the growth of the program in that regard. But the one thing I will say about coach Kenny. What Kenny’s doing a tremendous job of is getting the fans, the alumni back involved within the program. I was expecting maybe a couple 100 people to be at the scrimmage today. When you look around, I’d say there’s probably a couple 1,000 fans. So I think coach Dillingham has created a spark within the program. I think the fans are excited about it, and that was definitely the first thing he needed to do. And he’s done a tremendous job of it.

Brendan: What’s one thing that you’re looking forward to seeing from the team this year?

Brock: More wins.

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Brendan Mau is a college sports insider and general assignment reporter for Burn City Sports. You can follow him on X via @Brendan_Mau

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