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Kevin Durant Advocated For the NBA to Take Marijuana Off the Banned Substance List

Kevin Durant has been a big component when it comes to marijuana substances in the NBA. So much so that he had a lot to say after reports came out that the NBA is lifting its ban on Marijuana from the NBA.

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Durant talked on CNBC Events during a one-on-one segment and discussed the NBA’s decision to do this. It’s safe to say that the two-time champion is all for it.

Durant got candid when he talked about his meeting with Adam Silver and how he smoked weed before his meeting with Silver to discuss uplifting it off the ban substance list.

“He smelled it when I walked in. So I didn’t really have to say much.”

Durant is a 2-time NBA champion, 2-time Finals MVP, 1-time MVP, and 10-time All-NBA player. It’s safe to say that Marijuana hasn’t affected his game in any kind of way. Durant has wanted the NBA to make this move for the last three years and it’s finally happened.

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Durant doesn’t want to be called a pioneer, but he’s a person that will definitely advocate for the plant substance.

“I just enjoy the plant”, Durant Says. “It’s as Simple as That”

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