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Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Mentally Never Recovered

Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals have had a disappointing season compared to last season. It feels like this franchise never got over or bounced back from the wild card loss against the Rams to end the 2021-22 season. This time last season the Cardinals were 10-2.

Cardinals Never Recover

For reasons unknown, the Cardinals have never recovered from falling apart late last season. A lot of injuries this season have been at the fore front of why they haven’t had a successful year.

However, on the mental side of the sport, it feels like self inflicted grudges have been the biggest problem. Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury have seemed to be on two different pages since that wild card loss.

The off-season’s focal point was on contracts disputes and coaching styles instead of preparing for this season, and it shows. The locker room has seemed to be divided since week 1.

What is the Real Problem?

Nobody truly knows, at least nobody out side of the locker room. Which in a sense is a good sign from a players stand point. The pressure of losing to the Rams in the playoffs after falling apart down the stretch of the season seemed to break this teams back.

Kliff and Kyler’s problems have boiled over to a point of no return. It seems one, if not both, need to leave for this team to move forward.

The cloud of last season has not left this franchise. The collapse of last season is still fresh in Arizona.

Moving Forward…

Moving forward, it seems the front office will move on from Kliff Kingsbury. Who supposedly is an offensive genius. That title has not been displayed this season.

The offense has been underwhelming to say the least.

The real question I have for this organization is will Kyler Murray finish out this massive mistake, I mean contract? Whoever the new coach is will be forced to give Kyler Murray at least one more season due to this contract.

This contract feels like it puts this franchise in a stagnant spot. For at least the next season or two.

Finishing out this season, and going into the off-season, the Arizona Cardinals need to finally let go of the 2021-22 collapse.

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Rowan Donaghey is a MLB insider, NHL insider, Betting insider and breaking news reporter for Burn City Sports. You can follow him on twitter via @RowanDonaghey

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