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Bo Nix’s Fiesta Bowl Performance Capped Off His Historic Season and Career

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Bo Nix went 28/35 for 365 yards and five touchdowns today in the Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium in Glendale. He also was named Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP. This ended his legendary college football career and capped off a historic season for the captain.

Nix just completed the most accurate season ever as a QB.

Nix finished with a 77.45% completion percentage to set the record, and it wasn’t really close. Current Patriots QB, Mac Jones, was the previous leader with 77.40% in 2020. Bo Nix made it to 71% last season after barely making it above 60% his three years in Auburn. So, Nix has greatly improved during his time in Oregon. He specifically grew during his time with current Sun Devils Head Coach, Kenny Dillingham, who coached him from his Auburn days to his first season at Oregon, where he made his biggest jump.

Nix has been a legendary NCAA QB, and he will be a first round pick in the 2024 draft. He nearly won the Heisman this year and probably would’ve any other year that didn’t include Jayden Daniels. With this win, Nix made it over 15000 yards in his college career and made it over 110 touchdowns. This moves him past Ty Detmer for sixth all time in passing yards and into the top 20 in all-time passing touchdonws. So, this Fiesta Bowl was a fantastic way to cap off a great career.

Current ASU Head Coach Kenny Dillingham is loving it too. He posted this on Twitter earlier today.

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