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Charles Barkley: ‘Right Now Is the Most Important Time In Kyler Murray’s Career.’

Phoenix Suns’ legend Charles Barkley made an appearance on The Dave Pasch Podcast. Dave Pasch asked Charles Barkley for his thoughts on Kyler Murray.

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Barkley started off by saying how he is a Cardinals fan and that he wants all the Arizona teams to do well because he lives here and then got into what he believes Kyler Murray needs to do in his return from injury.

“Now, he has to really become a leader, he has a new coach and a bunch of new players,” said Barkley, “You have to set the example for the young guys and that’s the responsibility when you’re one of the highest paid players. It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong. That’s just how it is.”

Murray Maturity

Murray has not had the best reputation in the past as a leader. He has been criticized for his lack of leadership and bad body language.

This is in no way to say that Charles Barkley and Skip Bayless are on the same page. Anyone who has watched Barkley over the years, knows that he will never be on the same page as Bayless.

It is interesting that Barkley brought up how Murray needs to be a better leader though. Barkley has some experience being the best player on a team and knowing what comes with that.

“I think right now is probably gonna be the most important time in Kyler’s career because he’s got to stay positive. He can’t get mad, he can’t get frustrated,” said Barkley, “because everybody’s gonna be watching. You got to give some really good habits.”

Barkley makes some great points in this clip. The point that Kyler Murray needs to take heed to is the fact that everyone is watching. The Cardinals have not given the fans much to tune in for this year (pun intended). So, now with the return Kyler Murray bringing some excitement to this grim season, everyone will be watching. Now just Cardinals’ fans, but casual NFL fans, local media, and national media. All eyes will be on Murray.

If Murray is rusty and doesn’t have the best game in his first one back. The criticism will be mild. Reasonable fans and pundits understand that coming back from a torn ACL and playing well in your first game back is a tall task. Now if he is playing badly, appears to have bad body language and appears not to be a good leader. That’s when the criticism could take a turn.

The Cardinals don’t have a boatload of talent around Murray on offense. It will be very interesting to see how much he can lift up the talent around him and how he reacts when things don’t go smoothly.

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