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Bradley Beal Has The Suns Starting with a Bad Hand

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A very popular often used cliché is, “It’s not the hand your dealt, it’s how you play your cards.” This is not totally true. You do have to play your hand correctly but even the best card player needs good cards to have a chance to win. 

Spades is a very popular card game. Spades is a game where you normally play with a partner. The two partners are trying to collect as many books as possible by putting down the best cards. The game is called Spades so the spade suite is the best one to have. 

If you are playing the traditional version of the game. The best cards are aces. The ace of spades would be the best card in the pack. The Suns have three great cards on their team. Devin Booker and/or Kevin Durant or the ace and king of spades. Bradley Beal is maybe an ace of another suite or a queen of spades. The Suns may be without their third best card tonight. 

The Effect of Beal’s Absence Against the Warriors

Tonight the Suns start their season against the Golden State Warriors who have Steph Curry an ace of spades type of player along with Chris Paul, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins. The Warriors are also missing one of their best cards in Draymond Green. 

Green would be a king of clubs or another card that can win books but may get cut by a spade at anytime if you are not careful. You can win without that card if you have enough spades and face cards between you and your partner. The Warriors have that with Curry, Paul, Thompson, and Wiggins.

The Suns may be short one of their face cards for this match-up. Now they may be able to win this game without Beal but throughout the season the loss of Beal could take its toll. In Spades a player/card like Beal isn’t a guaranteed win but paired with players like Booker and Durant, the hand is almost impossible to beat. 

The Suns without Beal now will have line-ups where Booker and/or Durant or out there without another all-star caliber player. This will allow the Warriors to focus their defense on Durant and Booker in an attempt to slow them down. Another option Golden State has is to play Durant and Booker straight up and not allow the other players or cards to get going.

Cause for Concern?

If Booker and Durant, the ace and king of spades are playing alongside low number cards. Those two guaranteed books are not enough to win game in and game out. 

This has to be a giant concern for the Suns as Beal has not been the healthiest over the last few seasons. He has played in 60, 40, and 50 games respectively over the last three seasons. 

Kevin Durant has also had trouble with injuries over the last few seasons as well. He only played in 35, 55, and 47 games over the last three years. 

Devin Booker has been mostly durable during his career. Last season he only played in 53 games which was his lowest amount of games played.

Suns’ head coach Frank Vogel would be the person holding the cards in this scenario. He has proven himself to be a great card player. Tonight he may find out that no matter how well he plays his cards, he can’t win without his best ones.

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