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Could Kevin Durant Play Wide Receiver in the NFL?

The Phoenix Suns posted a highlight on social media. Jokingly asking if any NFL teams are looking for a quarterback or wide receiver.

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This is a great play from the playoffs last season where Devin Booker throws a long inbound pass to Kevin Durant. The former Texas Longhorn catches the ball with one hand and proceeds to hit a buzzer beating jump shot. He is one of the best basketball players to ever touch the court but would he be any good on the football field?

Just Imagine It!

Durant is listed at 6’10” but is often reported to be at least seven feet tall. As a quarterback it would have to be awesome to throw the ball to someone with the catch radius of a Kevin Durant. There would be no ball that is out of reach. The fade route would be unstoppable. No corner back in the NFL could jump with the Suns forward.

Kevin Durant also has a pretty good arm. As a quarterback he would never have one of his passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. As a safety, Durant would be able to cover so much ground. How would any offense be able to go deep with him back there?

Are there any NBA players who could of played in the NFL?

There are a few NBA players who may have had a chance to play in the NFL. LeBron James was a great high school football player but obviously made the right decision to play basketball. Allen Iverson was Michael Vick like in high school but used that speed to become one of greatest shooting guards of all-time. So, there are players who may have made the NFL if they took that route but the NFL game is very tough.

The biggest question for Kevin Durant would be if his body could handle the physical toll of the NFL game. It’s fun to imagine what Durant would look like on a NFL field catching passes but he definitely choose the right sport.

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