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Isiah Thomas Was Involved in Chris Paul Trade to the Wizards


An interesting story came out today as Chris Paul sat down with journalist Sopan Deb to talk about how he found out that he was being traded to the Wizards. It turns out that Paul found out from his 14-year-old son on a plane ride to New York to discuss his new memoir.

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“It’s tough… Seriously, it is part of the business, and what you realize is that no one owes you anything… when it comes through and my son texts me, I realize that Mat [Ishbia] and Isiah [Thomas], I guess, just wanted to go in a different direction.”

What’s interesting about what Paul said is that Suns owner Mat Ishbia and hall-of-fame guard Isiah Thomas were involved with the decision even though Thomas isn’t on the Suns’ payroll as an employee of the team.

Thomas however has been close friends with Ishbia for years. So much so to the point that Ishbia had to debunk reports that Thomas was coming aboard in a general manager role.

Even though Thomas doesn’t have a position with the team, Paul believes that he had something to do with the decision to make that trade.

“It’s just—it’s tough,” Paul said. “Seriously, it is part of the business, and what you realize is that no one owes you anything. No matter how you are with them or what you do, you realize that in this business, nobody owes you anything, as it should be.”

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Paul’s time with the Suns should be revered as one of the best in the Suns’ history. It’s unfortunate to hear that type of news but like what Paul says, it’s part of the business.

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