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Suns Vs. Mavericks Halftime Recap

Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports
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After one half the Suns trail the Dallas Mavericks . The Suns have had no answer for Luka Doncic or Josh Green as they lead the way with 24 points and 14 points respectively. Deandre Ayton leads all scorers for the Suns with 14 points. Here are the takeaways from the first half.

1st Quarter: 

The Suns got off to a really bad start as they got out scored 33-14. Luka Doncic got off to a very strong start with 14 points in the quarter as they had no answer for the pick and roll action that he was doing throughout the quarter.

The Suns defense for the first time looked stalled to begin the game as they had no answer for what Jason Kidd was attacking against them. An unsung hero was Josh Green as he got off to a really strong start to begin the game. Devin Booker struggles scoring as he only has 6 first quarter points.

2nd Quarter: 

The has a better second quarter but still struggled to stop them on defense. Deandre Ayton got it going in the second quarter as he finished the half with 14 points. Luka matched him with 10 more second quarter points to give them a comfortable 67-41 lead at the half.

The good news, they’ve been in this deficit before early in the season. Can they repeat history from this deficit again. We shall see come second half.

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