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Colin Cowherd: Kevin Durant ‘is becoming increasingly irrelevant’

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Despite Game 1 of the first round of every single NBA playoff series just finishing up yesterday, there is more discourse taking place about Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant.

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Sports personality Colin Cowherd had some interesting comments for the two-time champion Durant on “The Herd” on FS1 today following No. 6 Phoenix’s 120-95 loss in Game 1 to the No. 3 Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday.

“I watched the entire game, two-and-a-half hours of getting rolled, no pushback, not competitive. And I was thinking of this, people love to point out when opinionists like myself and others, many others, are wrong,” Cowherd said. “But what happens when you are? Years ago there was this argument that KD was better than LeBron (James). and I laughed at it over and over the LeBron’s game, there’s more depth, he’s a leader, he’s stronger, he’s more reliable, and he makes really good decisions. What if Kevin Durant gets rolled here in Round 1 by Minnesota? Not exactly a historical juggernaut. It will point out what the almost apologetic NBA media always fails to do. KD makes bad decisions.”

“Can you imagine Patrick Mahomes saying I’m done with Andy Reid and Travis Kelce? I want to go play for the (New York) Jets because I like this slot receiver. That’s essentially what KD did leaving a dynasty (the Golden State Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets).”

Despite the loss, Durant had a typical playoff performance with 31 points on 11-of-17 shooting. This performance moved Durant past Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the fourth-most 30-point games in NBA playoff history with 76 in his career.

“His skill set should put him in the top-1 or 2 in the last decade,” Cowherd said of Durant. “(Nikola) Jokic looks much better historically. Steph (Curry) is really the soul of the Warriors, winning titles before, during, and after him. Anthony Davis is now a more consistent player on both ends. Giannis (Antetokounmpo) has more regular season MVPs. As I’m watching Phoenix get rolled, Kevin Durant is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

“It wasn’t long ago that the apologetic NBA media gave him a pass for leaving the NBA penthouse from ownership down for a fixer-upper in Brooklyn, and then a remodel in Phoenix. And it’s not working here either.”

Durant played 75 games at age 35 this season, averaging the fifth-most points in the NBA at 27.1 per game.

“KD is starting to feel like, (and) you’re gonna call me nuts, a more available Kawhi (Leonard),” Cowherd said. “An enigmatic, mysterious, not sure why he does what he does, super-talented, can get you a basket and a stop. But what is he? Because he’s just somebody that’s talented with a skill set that should make him a top-3 player in the league. But with all these young great players coming most from Europe, Jokic now established as the best player. What’s the gap between Jokic and Durant? It’s not close. It’s the Grand Canyon. And LeBron’s already established it as a Grand Canyon separation from KD. Steph Curry now has separated. Giannis has has more regular season MVPs.

“It’s not to say I don’t like KD’s game, but couldn’t I argue he is kind of closer to Kawhi now than the best players in the league?”

There is no reason to talk about this right now after Game 1. Yes, Durant’s legacy would likely be damaged just a little with a first-round loss to the Timberwolves, but we can’t look into the future and see how they lose.

Durant commented on what the media has been saying after Game 1 today at practice.

“It’s hard to block out noise nowadays, we all see it, Durant said. “Just gotta play through it and fight through it and understand that’s just the nature of our game now. You’re gonna hear s—- all the time.”

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Losing a good, competitive series with Durant playing like he did in Game 1 in most games would not be that damaging. The Suns are the No. 6 seed and Timberwolves are No. 3.

Game 2 tips off at 4:30 p.m. MST tomorrow from Target Center.

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