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Which Arizona State Players Will Be Playing on Sunday’s Next Season?

Sunday is the last day of the regular season for the NFL. Which means that a lot of teams will be turning their attention to improving their rosters and coaching staffs for next season.

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The teams that don’t make the playoffs will be looking for the best players in college football to come in and make an impact on their teams right away. Will any of those players be from Arizona State?

According to, there are five players from Arizona State who are entering the 2024 NFL draft and hoping to hear their names called on draft weekend.

Aaron Frost

Offensive tackle Aaron Frost is projected to go undrafted but he has the skills that may get him signed as a free agent. Frost is mobile for his size at 6’5″, 305 pounds. Which means he can be really good on screen plays where lineman are asked to move and block in space.

He is also very good with his technique. Frost usually has good hand placement that makes it harder for defensive lineman to get off his blocks. The Long Beach, California native played a huge chunk of snaps at right guard, only allowing one sack from that position.

Troy Omeire

Troy Omeire is a wide receiver who is also projected to go undrafted but has the physical attributes that NFL offensives salivate over. He is 6’3″, 221 pounds, runs a 4.56 forty yard dash, and had a 34.5 inch vertical leap.

Omeire didn’t have a highly productive season stat wise but has the talent and skill that may translate well to the NFL. He is good at tracking the ball and going up to make the catch at the highest point. Omeire also has strong hands and can catch the ball through contact.

Clayton Smith

Clayton Smith is a defensive lineman who is projected to go undrafted. He played 11 games this past season and finished the year with 21 total tackles and 4.5 sacks.

Smith is 6’4″, 230 pounds, and runs a 4.6 forty yard dash. He is on the smaller side for a NFL edge rusher but can use that to his advantage as his quickness and speed make it hard for offensive lineman to get their hands on him.

Isaiah Johnson

The 6’1″, 190 pound corner back, Isaiah Johnson is also projected to go undrafted but has all the tools that NFL teams look for in a defensive back.

Johnson runs a 4.49 forty yard dash, which is very fast for a corner back at his height. He also has a 39.5 inch vertical leap. That will definitely be useful when trying to guard NFL wide receivers.

Bram Walden

Bram Walden is an offensive tackle who is also projected to go undrafted. Walden is small compared to other left tackles at 6’4″, 305 pounds.

This can be used to Walden’s advantage as he has the mobility to move with athletic defensive lineman. He only allowed one sack during the 2023 season.

Arizona State may not have a player that will hear his name called on NFL draft weekend but these players have the tools to make it in the NFL. Hopefully, they are able to impress the right general managers during the combine or on their pro day and get an opportunity to try to make a team during training camp.


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