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Arizona Cardinals

The Week 18 NFL Draft Pick Scenarios For the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals really shook up the NFC with their upset win over the Philadelphia Eagles. This win not only shook up the standings at the top of the conference but also shook up the standings at the bottom of the league.

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NFL Draft Order Going Into Week 17

  1. Chicago Bears (via trade with the Carolina Panthers)
  2. Arizona Cardinals
  3. Washington Commanders
  4. New England Patroits
  5. New York Giants

NFL Draft Order After Week 17

  1. Chicago Bears (via trade with Carolina Panthers) (Clinched) – 2-15
  2. Washington Commanders – 4-12
  3. New England Patriots – 4-12
  4. Arizona Cardinals – 4-12
  5. New York Giants – 5-11
  6. Los Angeles Chargers – 5-11
  7. Tennessee Titans – 5-11

The tie-breaker for the draft spots are strength of schedule. The lower the strength of schedule, the better the draft pick. Of the teams in the top seven picks, the Cardinals have the highest strength of schedule at .562.

If they win against the Seahawks and the Giants, Chargers, and Titans lose. The Cardinals will have the seventh overall pick.

If the Cardinals lose and the Commanders and Patriots win. Arizona will have the second overall pick. Arizona can end the season with a pick as high as two or as low as seven.

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