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Jose Perez is Going to be Crucial to any ASU Success

Jose Perez just joined the team last week, but it’s already clear that he was the missing piece.

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Perez was part of the Class of 2018. He has since been a student at four different universities, with ASU being his fifth. He has played in an NCAA Tournament game and has been around College Basketball for a long time. Last year, when he couldn’t play, he just watched a lot of basketball.

Bobby Hurley and other players believe Perez is going to have a significant impact on this season.

“Jose brings the older presence that we needed.” Kamari Lands said, “Coming in being a sixth year, he’s older than a lot of us on the team. He just brings that older vet presence that a lot of us younger guys can feed off of.”

Perez was a points scorer at Manhattan. He averaged over 20 points per game, but he was also one of the conference leaders in assists. This allowed Perez to become a versatile player that can play all over the floor.

“He was a 20 PPG scorer.” Hurley said, “It’s rare to find someone like that this late. What I’ve noticed in practice is his voice, toughness, maturity, and ability to pass. We had one of our best passing practices a couple of days ago when he joined the team. A big part of it was just how he was moving the ball. It became contagious amongst his teammates.”

Coach Hurley said that he believes he’s already won over his teammates and shown what he can do for the team.

As for Jose, he seems to be fitting perfectly into Sun Devil culture already. When asked about what he was looking forward to most this season. He gave the best Sun Devil answer a player could give. 

“Playing Arizona.” Perez said, “That’s what I’m looking forward to. Kerr Kriisa (Former Arizona guard) went in there at West Virginia and told me a couple of stories. Playing Arizona is probably going to be fun.”

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