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Wale Became The Latest Rapper to use Devin Booker’s name in a song

Athletes want to musicians and musicians want to be athletes. The worlds often collide. One of the most famous musicians of all-time Drake has close relationships with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. He even brought them on stage during his concert in Phoenix.

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Devin Booker has become a name that is used a lot by hip hop artists. The latest rapper to make use of Devin Booker’s name in a rap lyric was Wale. In his newest single, Max Julien.

“Yeah, it’s midnight, but I’m simply blockin’ et ceteras
Et cetera, et cetera, been poppin’ forever, look
Feel like Devin Booker, my sons winning, this what it took”

Is this clever line the best we have heard with a Devin Booker reference?

Here are some others.

Money Man – LLC Lyrics
“Pull up with that rifle like I’m Devin Booker nun but net Told lil mama I ain’t even tryna smash her I want nun but neck Told these folks that I ain’t flying commercial I do nun but jets If any opps survive when we slide then he considered blessed Feelin like I’m Trae Young with this Glock cuz I score a lot.”


Spose – Never Stop Lyrics
“Up and comin’ ones, they’re my sons, I move like Devin Booker Verse spittin’, past my term limit Me and Term both legends confirmed, we weren’t kiddin’ As persistent, I don’t know what you’re sniffin’ All my physical units are still movin’, my merch flippin’, Spizzy This goes out to anyone who ever doubted him.”

There are only a few family friendly examples that could be put in this article but Devin Booker has become a very popular name among rap artists. This year that popularity may reach new levels if the Suns are able to win the championship. Maybe Devin Booker lines will replace the “Shoot like Steph (Curry)” lines.


The Suns are one of the most popular teams in all of sports not just the NBA. The use of Booker’s name in rap is just another example of how popular he and this team is.

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