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ASU Fans Were Not Happy With the Refs in Washington Loss

The reffing cost Arizona State the game. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Arizona State offense was lifeless, but the refs bailed out Washington.

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Late in the game, Arizona State was driving. They were up one and had moved the ball deep into Washington territory. Just inside the red zone, Trenton Bourguet launched a ball on a first and ten to Troy Omeire. Omeire reached up but could not make the catch in the endzone. A flag is thrown. It looks like it is going to be Pass Interference on Washington. The refs talk it over. There is no flag on the play for Pass Interference. Fox Sports shows the replay. The Jersey is separated from Omeire by a lot. It is blatant pass interference. Omeire is being held in two different spots. No call. Trenton Bourguet would throw a game-losing pick-six three plays later.

Fans on Twitter were not happy. Because this wasn’t the only time. The refs had let multiple plays play out throughout the game. That is fine, but you can’t miss a call this bad in late-game situations.

Now, the refs aren’t the only reason ASU lost this game, but that missed call would’ve put ASU inside the Washington 10, and ASU would’ve had a chance to seal the game. The refs took this game over in a terrible moment. However, that ASU offense completely let down one of the best defensive performances in school history.

Arizona State Offense Lets Down Defense as ASU Falls to #5 Washington


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