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Coach Hurley Expects the Pac-12 to Go Out on Top.

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This is the final year of the PAC-12. After this, all teams will move to different conferences. ASU will join the Big 12 itself, but that doesn’t mean they will just lie down and rollover. 

Coach Hurley said he expects the PAC-12 to be as good as it’s ever been and maybe the best conference in the nation. 

“I mean, it gets you excited. If you’re a competitor, you want to play the best competition.  And I’d say the PAC 12 Is that. I think top to bottom this year. It could be as good as it’s been since COVID stopped the season years back. I think some of the lower-tier teams have gotten considerably better. And you can change your fortunes quicker with the transfer portal now and NIL things. So I think it’s gonna be a very competitive year.” 

ASU has never won a PAC-12 title, but after a 23-win season, Hurley thinks now is a better time to do it. To try and claim that trophy on the final attempt. 

“So, last chance to win anything in the Pac 12.” Hurley said, “For Arizona State basketball, I don’t see any banners in our arena.”

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