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Devin Booker says playing with Kevin Durant is a “full-circle moment”

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Devin Booker had a lot of positive things to say about what it means to him to team up with Kevin Durant in an interview with GQ Sports to promote his new shoes.

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Booker has looked up to Durant for a while and said that he always wore KD’s shoes growing up.

“I wore a lot of KDs,” Booker said. “Especially in high school, which is another full-circle moment now that we’re teammates.”

Booker has expressed the fact that he loves the KD signature line to Durant.

“He does know that,” Booker said. “I talk about it with him all the time. I know he’s bringing back some retro styles this year. I’ve seen the colors that he’s bringing in the locker room and I’m like ‘Yo, this is nostalgia right here. I would have fought somebody for these a few years ago, and now I’m sitting right next to you.’”

Booker is known to have one of the most unique styles when it comes to fashion. He gave props to Durant for his style as well.

“We have some cool cats on the team they’re comfortable,” Booker said. “I love what KD is doing now. He’s smooth and comfortable everywhere he goes.”

Finally, Booker told a story of how playing with Durant all comes full circle for him.

“It’s hard to put into words,” Booker said. “A guy I have a great deal of respect for, and always have. I don’t know if this is public information, but I used to have a Fathead of him in my room. I used to go to sleep looking at KD every night on my wall. Now we’re teammates. I also have a tweet from 2011 or 2012 where I said KD is my favorite player, so all just real full-circle moments. I take it in and embrace it. It’s something 20 or 25 years ago I would have thought was crazy as hell.”

Durant and Booker combined to average 62.7 of the team’s 114.2 points in the Suns’ 11 playoff games last year after KD was acquired at the trade deadline from the Nets.

Now, the duo looks ahead to the most anticipated season in Suns’ history with training camp slated to begin Oct. 3.

Devin Booker already putting in work at Suns’ facility

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