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Diamondbacks held ‘players only meeting’ over Tim Anderson fight

Aug 3, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks right fielder Corbin Carroll (left) waits on deck against the San Francisco Giants during the first inning at Oracle Park. Mandatory Credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week witnessed an unforgettable moment as Tim Anderson and José Ramírez locked in a fierce fist fight, mere paces behind second base. This riveting brawl has ingrained itself in the memories of fans, and its aftermath has left players across the league grappling with a lingering question.

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What happens if a fight of this magnitude breaks out during one of our games?

In a podcast episode with Mookie Betts, this is exactly the type of question that Corbin Carroll answered.

Carroll explained that after the fight, the Diamondbacks held a players only meeting to discuss future protocol.

“Basically, we said that if someone gets knocked out on the field, there is no way that there is nothing thrown after that.”

Following this bold statement, the rookie added, You gotta protect your boy, right?”, which prompted Mookie to agree right away, “You gotta protect your boy,”

Ironically, within this exchange lies a twist of fate – the Diamondbacks had previously been central to one of the most monumental brawls in MLB history. This extraordinary clash unfolded against none other than their arch-rivals from the NL West, coincidentally now Mookie Betts’ own team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In 2013, Diamondbacks’ pitcher Ian Kennedy plunked Yasiel Puig and Zack Grenkie in the face with a fastball in the same game.

Immediately after Grenkie was hit, both benches cleared, and plenty of punches were thrown. As a result, six players were ejected.

Now, the Diamondbacks possess a game plan should a similar unraveling occur once more.

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