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Kevin Durant Gets Into a Twitter Debate About Offense


Kevin Durant is one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game. But that doesn’t stop the Suns future hall-of-famer from getting into debates with fans online during the offseason.

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Earlier today on Twitter, Durant and a fan were going back and forth about why offense is super important in the sport of basketball in what looks to be an educational conversation delivered back and forth.

Here’s a thread of the entire conversation between Durant and fans on Twitter.

Durant was trying to tell fans on Twitter that the main objective when it comes to winning the game of basketball is to score more points than the other team. With that being the case, Durant was letting people know that offense is what wins you championships more than defense.

Fans took it as if Durant was saying you don’t need defense to win championships which got a lot of people direct messaging Durant back and forth all throughout the night.

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I personally find it cool when there is a hall-of-fame level player this active with fans on Twitter trying to speak the game to people. You can be certain, this isn’t the last time Durant is going to get into some type of debate like this.

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