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Kevin Durant Joined Fans Twitter Spaces


It’s not every day you get a call from one of the greatest players to ever play the game on Twitter but in this world, anything is possible.

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Kevin Durant joined a person’s Twitter Spaces last night that was called Kevin Durant is not top 5 all-time and Durant gave his two cents on how he felt about the way they talk about basketball.

“I just think how y’all even look at the game is whack as f–k. You factor in team success when you talking about players. I just think how y’all consume the game is trash, like are you good or not?

“I mean some things could be that simple. Are you just good or not? I mean, a lot of people have seen it for a long time brother and it’s OK. These lists don’t really mean nothing anyway, so why are you getting so upset about ’em?”

Durant didn’t agree with the guys that factor in team success when it comes to talking about basketball as the greatest players ever. His main point is that it’s just as simple as whether he’s good or bad. Is his skillset elite or not?

Even if we were factoring in accomplishments, Kevin Durant is a 2-time champion, 2-time finals MVP, an MVP, 2x all-star game MVP, 4x scoring champion, a Rookie of the Year, and a 10x All-NBA winner. In the words of the new assistant coach David Fizdale, “Take that for data.”

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It was a rare night for those fans to witness something like that. I hope they got a chance to learn a thing or two about Durant’s logic and thought process.

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