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Suns Still Looking into Trading Deandre Ayton

A lot of the talks around the Phoenix Suns dealing Deandre Ayton seemed to have disappeared. Still, there seems to be an audience of teams that are inquiring about Ayton’s services.

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According to Arizona Sport’s Flex, multiple teams are still reaching out to the Suns on a potential deal involving the former No.1 pick.

It was widely expected that if traded, Ayton would be moved prior to or during the draft. Now, with most teams pivoting to free agency, the market for Ayton is unclear.

Talks were previously reported between the Atlanta Hawks surrounding Clint Capela and John Collins. The Suns also reached out to the Boston Celtics, but the Celtics have acquired Kristaps Porziņģis, making a deal there null and void.

Phoenix could possibly reach out to the Indiana Pacers once again. The Pacers had interest in Ayton last summer, inking a max offer sheet for the seven-footer.

There could be a potential deal with Myles Turner in place if the Pacers still have interest in acquiring Ayton.

There are a number of avenues that could get talent to Phoenix outside of Ayton. Even so, those scenarios aren’t feasible.

The Suns need depth more than anything. Being ousted by Denver in the playoffs this season showed the level of difference in talent surrounding stars. Ayton isn’t considered untouchable by the Suns, and the new Big 3 is their primary focus.

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