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Jae Crowder Disses Suns after Beal Trade

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One thing remains clear for the Phoenix Suns in the immediate future: Jae Crowder will likely never don a Suns uniform again.

As the internet erupted from the blockbuster trade of Phoenix acquiring star guard Bradley Beal, Crowder couldn’t let the opportunity slip away to take a shot at his former squad.

Crowder’s Twitter rants have become somewhat of a norm. After his dismissal from the Suns last season, those Twitter escapades went to another level.

On Sunday, Crowder responded to Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkić‘s statement. Nurkić Alluded to the fact that the Suns may be heading down the same path as the Brooklyn Nets when composed of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

Of course, the personnel that surrounds Durant now is entirely different, but the historical implications are justified.

Durant historically hasn’t had the best endings with a Big 3. The downfall with both the Golden State Warriors and Nets are sufficient evidence.

Still, Durant seems to recognize the timeline remaining in his career since arriving in Phoenix. Booker is easily one of the more level-headed teammates he’s had since Stephen Curry.

Adding Beal to such a versatile scoring faction could bring a drastic change for the Suns’ title contention.

Beal has composed a style of play over his 11 seasons with the Washington Wizards that is similar to Booker. Beal 29, is also an obvious upgrade over Chris Paul, increasing the championship window for Phoenix.

Matt Ishbia Takeover

After the downfall debacle that came from having Robert Sarver as an owner, the whispers of The Valley have finally come to fruition.

Ishbia has shown a clear willingness from day one to put the Suns in the best position possible to compete for a championship.

Phoenix poses as a prime destination given it’s location and allure of now having a legitimate Big 3.

As for Crowder, the strong arm maneuver of forcing his way from the Suns appears to have backfired significantly.

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