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Phoenix’s Starters Shine to Start Preseason as Suns Lead Pistons, 70-59 at Halftime

The Phoenix Suns started their preseason by traveling to Detroit to take on the Pistons. These are two very different teams is two very different places. Yes, Detroit and Phoenix are very different but these teams are in different places in the NBA journey.

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The Suns come into this season with expectations of winning a championship. Phoenix lost in the second round last season and added former scoring champion Bradley Beal to the lineup along with a plethora of other moves to improve. They also fired head coach Monty Williams and replaced him with Frank Vogel.

The Detroit Pistons had a rough year last season. They finished with a record 17-65. There star point guard Cade Cunningham missed most of the season with a shin injury. There biggest move of the off-season was the hiring of former Suns head coach Monty Williams. Detroit made headlines by signing Williams to a six year, 78.5 million dollar deal. This is largest deal signed by a coach in NBA history.

This shows that the Pistons are dedicated to allowing Williams to build a program with their team. The word rebuilding is often frowned upon but that is the best way to describe what the Pistons are doing right now.

Who Started the Game?

The Phoenix Suns started Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, Josh Okogie, Kevin Durant, and Jusuf Nurkic. There was a lot of speculation around who would be that fifth starter outside of Beal, Booker, Durant, and Nurkic. Okogie showed his value early on as he had he the assignment of guarding Cade Cunningham.

Phoenix started the game on a 14-2 run as they were very active on both ends of the floor. The ball movement was noticeable as they had several possessions in the first quarter where there were three of more passes before a shot was taken. Even after the first timeout the Suns’ offense continued to look like a well oiled-machine.

In the first half all of the starters were able to get something going on the offensive end. Kevin Durant had 12 points on 4/7 shooting from the floor. Devin Booker also had 12 points on 5/9 shooting from the floor. Bradley Beal scored 11 points on and shot 3/5 from the floor. Jusuf Nurkic and Josh Okogie had four points each.

Beal’s first basket is an example of the type of pace the Suns want to play with.

The defense will always have a tough time getting set as the ball is pushed up the floor that quickly.

The Suns were extremely efficient in the half as they shot 57% from the floor and 43% from three point range. This was just an early preview of how dangerous this offense can be when the “big 3” of Booker, Beal, and Durant are all shooting the ball well.

The Suns went into the locker room at halftime up, 70-59.

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