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Happy Highlights on Kevin Durant’s Birthday

The candles are lit on top of your favorite flavor of cake with icing that says Happy Birthday to (insert your name here). Your friends and loved ones are singing a terrible version of the happy birthday song to you. Now its the moment where you have to close your eyes and make a wish. If you played basketball growing up you may have wished to be a little bit taller so you could be a baller. You may have wished to have handles or a smoother jump shot. You could make a thousand wishes and you still wouldn’t be the basketball player that Kevin Durant is. Here are some highlights as a reminder of what to expect this year.

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Awesome Kevin Durant Highlights

He had one of the best collegiate seasons of all-time. Durant averaged 25.8 points and 11.1 rebounds per game while shooting 47% from the field and 40% from three.

Durant was special right out of the gate in the NBA. Winning rookie of the year as a Seattle Supersonic.

He would get better and help lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to the NBA Finals.

Durant joined the Golden State Warriors and won two NBA championships and two Finals Most Valuable Player awards.

He was also a menace on the court as a Brooklyn Net.

Now he is here in the valley of the sun.

This will be his first full season with the Phoenix Suns. The future hall of famer is a trail blazer and you can see his impact all over the NBA. When you see players like Chet Holmgren, Victor Wembanyama, and Lauri Markkanen among others. Players who are 6’9″ and taller with the ability to dribble like a 6’2″ guard, finish at the rim, and shoot over their defenders with ease. The impact of Kevin Durant will be seen long after he is done playing.

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