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Patrick Beverly on the Devin Booker and Paul George Beef: “He Better Than PG”

Patrick Beverly is known by many to be quite the trash talker on the court and has the ability to get under people’s skin while doing it.

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Many people would say that because of this, Beverly might know a thing or two about what a “Beef” is, especially since he and former Suns point guard Chris Paul have a past of going back and forth with one another.

Beverly talked on a podcast recently about Paul George and Devin Booker’s recent back and forth a few weeks ago and he had some interesting things to say about George and Booker as players in the NBA.

Booker and George recently went back and forth on social media after George asked Warriors star player Klay Thompson about his recent trash-talking moment with Booker in a sense to get Thompson to say something negative about Booker.

Thompson apologized for it and kept things respectful toward his friends and Booker thought George was trying to fish for something deeper with the question he asked which resulted in him responding on social media.

George then commented back to Booker on the live stream and added more fuel to the fire.

Devin Booker Responds to Klay Thompson’s Apology As Well As Take a Subtle Shot at Paul George

Booker and George are two ultra competitors that play the same position and both players have no problem trash-talking one another. I would expect the two to continue to talk trash to one another during the regular season as well to add more fuel to the fire.

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