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Bradley Beal’s Potential Impact


Phoenix, Arizona (Burn City Sports)

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The Phoenix Suns made the biggest move of the off-season when they traded for Bradley Beal. Beal was with the Washington Wizards for his entire career. It was clear that the Wizards were moving in a different direction. Which made it clear that it was time for Beal to waive his no trade clause.

Beal is projected to be the third member of the Suns big three along with Devin Booker and Kevin Durant. These are three of the best scorers in the NBA on one roster. It is reminiscent of other “Big 3s” in NBA history. Miami’s big three with LeBron, or Golden State’s big three with Kevin Durant, among others.

The Boston Comparison

The big three that this is most reminiscent of, is the Boston Celtics trio of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. Devin Booker’s role is very similar to Pierce’s. Booker like Pierce has been with his organization for a long time. He has gone through the ups and downs, and now is looking for a championship with more help than he has had before.

Kevin Durant is in the Kevin Garnett role. Now these are two different players as Durant is one of the best offensive players of all-time. Garnett was one of the best defensive players of all-time. The line-up as currently constructed puts Durant in the position of being the defensive anchor.

Bradley Beal is in the Ray Allen role. Beal has been a dynamic scorer but has not had the ultimate team success. Just like Ray Allen prior to his Boston days. Now he is going to be a great spacer for Booker and Durant as opposing teams will be consistently put in horrible positions defensively.

Beal’s ability to work off of Booker and Durant

Beal has shown the ability to work off of the ball in many ways. So, he will not only get a very high amount of open three point shots but will also get open lanes to the rim.

Imagine some of these actions with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker in these spots. The attention that those two players attract, will make life easier for Beal as a scorer. The ability for Beal to be dynamic as a shooter and slasher will make life easier for the other Suns.

This offense has the potential to be the best offense in NBA history.

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