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SportsCenter Sparks Controversy in Twitter Post Over CP3

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When you address a player as “CP3,” what is the name that might come to mind?

For fans of the NBA, that would of course by the Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul, and by and large he alone is referred to as such.

There is, however, WNBA Star and fellow #3 Candace Parker of the Las Vegas Aces, though referring to her as CP3 is not common.

SportsCenter tweeted this video of Parker jumping into NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s arms…

…and fans were split over the usage of “CP3”

Chris Paul has been a hot and cold player in the hearts of many NBA fans. Regardless of how up-and-down his career might have been, some Twitter users really did not appreciate this usage of his moniker.

Some fans, however, were in vehement support of the usage of “CP3,” some even going so far as to say she deserves it more than Chris Paul:

We want to hear what you think, is all this that big of a deal? Can’t both players have the nickname? Let us know!


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