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The KD Trade Leaves Suns Short on Depth and Defense, It’s Starting to Show

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To pinpoint the problems the Suns are facing in the 2nd round of the playoffs you have to go back a few months. You have to go back to the trade deadline, which is where Phoenix acquired Kevin Durant.

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Yes, KD is one of the best players to ever touch, dribble, or shoot a basketball. Also, yes, 99% of the time you should do anything in your power to get him on the roster.

However this case is the 1% where you should have passed on the chance. The trade took away the future of this franchise.

Suns lost their youth, their perimeter defense, and their depth in this blockbuster trade. One thing they did get however, is a one two punch of jump shooters in him and Devin Booker.

Suns Lack Depth and Defense

Durant brings a lot to the table on the offensive side of the ball, however outside of length and a few block, he lacks defense.

This Suns roster as a whole lacks defense, and on top of that, it lacks depth. Even in the first round against a crippled Clippers team, Durant and Booker were forced to play high volume minutes and be high volume shooters.

A recipe for disaster if you ask any avid basketball fan. From the moment this trade happened I was on record giving my two cents.

Which has only amplified as the playoffs continued. This trade was a move to make headlines, not win championships.

The Nuggets are and will take advantage of the lack of depth, defense, and grit on the Phoenix Suns roster. Sadly the only answer the Suns seem to have, is to shoot more jumpers.

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Rowan Donaghey is a Sports and Betting insider, and breaking news reporter for Burn City Sports. You can follow him on twitter via @RowanDonaghey

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