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Jonathan Gannon confirms Nick Rallis will call the defense


Fans had the opportunity to hear from Arizona Cardinals’ new defensive coordinator Nick Rallis for the first time this Wednesday.

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As expected, the majority of questions focused on the age of not just Rallis but the entire Cardinals coaching staff.

And for Nick, age is just a number, not a judgment of intelligence.

“I don’t think there is an advantage or disadvantage to any age, I think there is a lot of things that go into making a coach a good coach.” “I think it is just trying to be the best version of yourself in that moment every single day.”

Jonathan Gannon on the age question:

“I am really not worried about their age, I am worried about if they can serve the players and get the job done.”

The press conference also confirmed that Nick Rallis will be calling the plays on defense, not Jonathan Gannon, who was the former Eagles’ DC for two seasons.

“Nick will call the defense.”

And on the topic of what drove Rallis to join the Cardinals, the message remained the same: He is here to help build a winning organization.

“We are going to build a winning organization, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

The term “emotional intelligence” was tossed around quite a bit by Rallis; he believes in having pride in what he does and bringing a high level of energy to the table each and every day.

“Being energetic is not the same thing as being emotional, I always pride myself on bringing energy and enthusiasm, and just love from the job and the sport every day.” “I demand with myself first and of my staff that there is a high level of emotional intelligence with that.”

Next up is the Cardinals’ new offensive coordinator, Drew Petzing. The official time and date of the press conference have yet to be announced but should take place sometime this week.

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