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Monti Ossenfort brings hope back to the Cardinals

Kyler Murray
Arizona Cardinals' new general manager Monti Ossenfort responds to questions during a news conference at Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Center in Tempe, on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023. Nfl Cardinals New General Manager
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On Tuesday morning, Arizona Cardinals fans got their first opportunity to hear firsthand from the team’s new general manager, Monti Ossenfort.

There were plenty of takeaways from the press conference, but for the most part, Ossenfort spoke extremely positively and gave fans a lot to be excited about in the future.

One of the main points that continued to be driven was the “ego” conversation.

Ossenfort wanted to make it clear that there will be no tolerance for any sort of unnecessary boasting in the locker room or on the field. He is specifically looking for players who are leaders and willing to do whatever the team needs.

“Ego will not be tolerated in this organization.”

As Ossenfort was a scout for the New England Patriots for quite a while, his experience will benefit the Cardinals in all sorts of ways. Already, there seems to be a clear definition of what he is looking to do this offseason.

“A complete organizational alignment.” “A clear definition of what we are looking at for players.”

He often credited the “Patriots system” and noted that his plan is to not just collect talent but to build a team.

When discussing goals, Ossenfort reassured that this is a team that was once one of the best in the NFL and that they are too far off from the top.

“It was not too long ago this team was in a very good position… “Our goal here is to win, to build a team that can win the NFC West.”

On the topic of the new head coach, both Ossenfort and Michael Bidwill stated that the announcement should be made rather quickly.

It is an exciting time of rebranding for the Arizona Cardinals, and the next step will be to find a head coach that fits right in with the culture that this team is seeking.

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