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Jae Crowder Confused and Hurt By Suns Coaches Amidst Hold Out

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In a Bleacher Report exclusive interview, Jae Crowder talked about his present relationship with the Phoenix Suns amidst the trade rumors. He’s sat out the whole season so far in hopes that a trade will be made for his services before the February 9th trade deadline comes up.

In the exclusive interview, Crowder for the first time made public that he has no ill will toward the Suns, especially for his teammates whom he has a lot of respect and care for even though he isn’t playing on the court with them. He’s said that he still keeps in touch with everyone on the team and has spoken to them recently.

“I’ve spoken to every player that I’ve played with on that team and they all have stressed how much they miss [me] and respect my decision, and I’m thankful for their understanding.” 

Crowder however has voiced frustration toward the coaches and front-office executives for the way things have been handled so far even going back to the offseason. Crowder has also alluded to being blindsided by everything that happened which has caught fans off guard with the notion of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

“This move of pushing me out the door was a blindsided hit to not only me but my teammates, as you can see from speaking to them and myself and the conversations we’ve had behind closed doors. I will continue to prepare myself daily for battle once the call is made and continue to be a leader on the court, locker room, as well as off the court. I am thankful my teammates appreciated my leadership. I’m confused and hurt that my coaches didn’t appreciate the things I brought to our team and organization. And this has nothing to do with financial or contract differences.”

This is crazy news, especially when there have been rumors stating that the reason for Crowder sitting out this season had a lot to do with contract extensions and a different role being determined as the driving force for the holdout this season. Suns player Mikal Bridges also commented on the bleacher report in regards to Jae Crowder and he misses his brother and teammate in the locker room as well.

“That’s one of our leaders. I texted him not too long ago and told him how much I miss him. That’s my guy. It’s the NBA. It happens. I know he wants to be here, but it’s the league. That’s just how it is sometimes. This is my fifth year in the league, and I understand how it could be. You’ve got to protect yourself sometimes. We’ll love to have him here, but we get it.”

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It’s been a tough season so far for the Suns with a lot of up-and-down situations happening from injuries, to in-house drama regarding Jae Crowder, to the owner having to sell the team and still holding some power, and the list goes on and on and on. The Suns have to figure out a way to change this season into a positive or else it can get even ugly real quick.

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