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It is time for the Diamondbacks to bring back the purple throwback uniforms

Arizona Diamondbacks fan Mike Dreckman stands in a sea of Philadelphia Phillies fans as he cheers on his team in Game 7 of their NLCS at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on Oct. 24, 2023.

As the Diamondbacks return to the World Series for the first time since 2001, the idea of bringing back the iconic pinstriped vest throwback jerseys seems not only fitting but also widely welcomed.

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These throwback uniforms made a brief appearance during a series over the summer, and by and large, the players loved them.

Even Zac Gallen, who is likely to take the mound at Chase Field for either Game 4 or 5, expressed his appreciation for the throwback jerseys.

In fact, on August 13th, Gallen ran a poll, with a resounding 91% of respondents expressing their fondness for the purple and teal jerseys.

This is after he tweeted out, “We should wear these more (permanently lol).”

Geraldo Perdomo was another player who firmly stood on the pro-throwback side, saying, “That’s the best uniform we have,”. “First of all, because we won a championship with those uniforms. And secondly, the color is so nice. I think we should be wearing it more next year. It’s gotta be part of us every day at home.”

With both fans and players endorsing the idea, it now falls to the Diamondbacks’ front office to make it happen and reintroduce the throwback jerseys to Chase Field for the franchise’s second Fall Classic.

And, as a lucky charm bonus, the last time Zac Gallen pitched in the teal vests, he tossed six shutout innings.


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